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    AQUASCAPE brings you

    Pools &

    WaterPark & Leisure

    Water we made it an industry in india.

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    AQUASCAPE brings you

    Chemical Free
    Pool water!

    Copper + Silver lonisation


    Pure, Fresh & Clear Water

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    AQUASCAPE brings you

    Pools with iQ


    The freedom to swim anytime !
    Any season ! Even winter !
    In temperature controlled waters

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    AQUASCAPE brings you


    Just add water

    and escape to

    Fun, Wellness



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    AQUASCAPE brings you

    80% reduced
    Chemical Usage
    in pools!

    UV Water Disinfection


    Sparkling clear water !

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    AQUASCAPE brings you

    Pool water
    good enough
    to drink!

    UV + Copper


    No Chlorine - No Tears

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    AQUASCAPE brings you

    Low Cost


    for Swimming Pools

    Compact machine !

    Quick installation !

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    AQUASCAPE brings you




    Nothing like this has lit up

    pools, homes and gardens

    ever before!


100% Chemical Free Pool water

Ancient Greeks and Egyptians stored water in silver and gold containers to keep it fresh.Thousands of years later, NASA is still using copper silver ionization in its space programme. This water disinfection technology has gained wide acceptance across America, Europe and Austrailia.

The system is derived from the centuries old principle of electro physical water treatment based on the ionization of copper and silver:two effective natural substances for disinfection and purification. It consists of a state of the art micro processors controlled electronic unit and patented disinfection electodes.

This Copper Silver ionization 100% Chemical free Water Treatment System provides natural, odourless, soft and body friendly, water thus making hazardous irritations to eyes, skin, and airways along with unpleasant odours, repetitive pH-and chlorine level checks and costly maintenance, things of the past.

Small wonder then, this technique is used in thousands of pools and wellness domains where lasting disinfection of bacteria, viruses and algae is required.

Pool water good enough to drink

The UV+Copper ionization treatment combines two proven physical procedures; ultra-violet light and ionization to effectively disinfect and neutralize bacteria, fungi and viruses immediately and give you crystal-clear, germ free water with no change in taste and smell.
At first, the water flows through the UV chamber where the UV light kills all possible bacteria, viruses, legionella and other germs.The water is now germ free.

However, pathogens get into the water by bathing and the environment. At this stage, positively charged copper ions arrive into the water , in order to protect it effectively from further growth of pathogens.

All the quality requirements of drinking water are retained without using chemicals like chlorine.

80% reduced Chemical Usage in pools

Sparkling clean water despite 80% reduced chemical usage.

Significantly reducing the need for pool chemicals whilst giving almost total virus protection and producing water that is sparkling clear, UV Water Disinfection Systems offer amazing benefits:

   •Crystal clear water & fresh clean air.
   • Pleasant bathing environment, no eye or skin irritation.
   •UV is effective against all micro organisms.
   •Breaks down chloramines and other organics.
   •Perfect for kids and allergy sufferers.
   •UV is non hazardous, green technology and far more environment friendly than standard methods.
   •Automated system cannot be overdosed and reduces maintainance time.
   •Measurable cost savings in chemicals, energy etc.
   •Intelligent system tells you when electrodes need attentation or changing.
   •The backwash water can be used to water the garden.
   •Facility to programme pool size in gallons and litres.

Fun, Wellness & Relaxation

It can change instantly from a serene, private paradise to a relaxed comfortable party venue. From a riotous children's play pool, to a hydrotherapeutic health spa! From a romantic spa escape amidst nature, to a Zen like ambience with individualized light effects in the confines of your home!

Joy, fun, relaxation, good health and well being'it can all be found in the Softub, the portable tub that can be moved and assembled indoors or outdoors, on your terrace or in your garden!

Warm or cool water, massage jets and regulated stream of bubbles in the Softub, relax your tired and knotted muscles. Lie back as the water massages your neck, shoulders, calves or foot reflex zones. You will be reinvigorated and energized.